God’s    right

                               thumb       touching

      his        dirty       finger  

                             begirding,   gripping the

   tree of life between his legs,

 watching my parents have sex:

                    It went up and    down and    up and

                 down and  up and  down and down and up:


                          “E    P    H    R    A    I    M”,

He moaned louder than my father’s cry

            For a boy whose manhood stands forever.

                      My name men cannot articulate,

                      Their tongues, like knife, penetrate:

                      “Eph” sliding in and out of their lips

                        Or half a foot below their hips.


         Lick me                                       in my flaccidity

    And hear my name                           pronounced right.

 The name I call myself is          God’s cuss out of extreme delight.


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