Tinanong mo ako:
What is homosexuality?
Are you homosexual
when you love someone
of the same

How come we are encouraged to love
our enemies but we cannot love
of same sex?
Is it not sex or lust does the Bible refer to in homosexuality, that excludes love, right?
Is it not society is just not used to people capable of loving beyond gender?

How come it is blessed to love
the unlovable, but this,
this is damned?
And if God wanted us so much to
observe this: why didn’t He made the
considerations for
homosexuality clear?

And if this is wrong,
why does it feel so right?

(It is said that for doubtful and ambivalence, we should consult our conviction)

And the hell with the sisterhood (or brotherhood),
malay ko ba kung sakop pa rin ng ganoon
ang nararamdaman ko sa kanya?
So far wala namang akong
nararamdaman na sexual emotions,

it’s just that sa kanya ako nainlove and i look passed the gender.

Can I choose whom to love?
Surely, the heart doesn’t
have a mind.

Sana alam ko ang sagot.
Sana alam mo rin kung
pinagtatanggol mo la’ng
‘yan dahil ‘yan ang nara-
ramdaman mo, o hindi.


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